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Kehlani comes out as “genderqueer” on Instagram [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

A few years ago, Kehlani made her debut, delivering mixtapes. In the following years, Kehlani bubbled to the top of the industry, making hit records, and dating big names. She was involved with Kyrie Irving, but left him for PARTYNEXTDOOR.

In between time, Kehlani and Game ended up getting into it. Going on one of his traditional social media rants, Game mentioned Kehlani, in a disrespectful manner. However, that situation was ended, before it became anything too big.

Yesterday, Kehlani posted a long message about herself, and her orientation, on Instagram. She was talking about growing up “queer,” as Kehlani identifies as bisexual. All people picked up on is Kehlani referring to herself as “genderqueer.”

See Kehlani’s entire Instagram post below:

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