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Drake has gone double platinum with #GodsPlan single

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

When it comes to the 2010s, Drake is the biggest artist of the decade, and he’s made his own rules. Given how he’s dominated, a lot of people compare Drake with Jay-Z’s 1990s/early 2000s run. The key difference is that Drake is the undisputed leader of nearly every year.

Back in 2010, essentially his rookie year, Drake had to share the spotlight, but he’s been the man since 2012. A major reason why Drake wins is because of how he shows love. Though he’s a Toronto native, he shows love to Houston, Miami, and Atlanta.

Drake spent the whole last week donating to various organizations, and people, in Miami. All of this was in promotion of “God’s Plan,” one of his newest singles, for the music video. Dominating Billboard, with this single, Drake can now add double platinum status to this record.

Source: Rap Hub Daily

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