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Cardi B officially makes history as #BodakYellow tops the Billboard Hot 100

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

It’s hard to not root for Cardi B, because she overcame all the odds stacked against her. Sure, a lot of people thought she “made it,” when she made the “Love & Hip Hop” cast, but she wanted more. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine, now, people thinking she couldn’t make it big.

Cardi B told anyone who would listen that she was the future of the game. The right people listened and she kept building that momentum, with her mixtapes. Right when she made herself a star, Cardi B decided to leave the show, and focus solely on her career.

Immediately following the “Love & Hip Hop” season seven reunion, Cardi B signed a $10 million deal with Atlantic Records. As of tonight, her first single on the label, “Bodak Yellow,” has crossed 321,000 sales, which is $3.2 million. On top of it all, she is number one on Billboard Hot 100, all off one single.

Watch “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B below:

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