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Woman picked R. Kelly’s pocket, while he stage dives [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

Currently, R. Kelly is back in the spotlight, as the most-controversial figure in music, again. But, this time around, he is being accused of having his own cult, holding women against their will. Because of this, the state of Georgia has tried banning R. Kelly from performing.

R. Kelly is still the biggest name in R&B, even if Chris Brown may now hold the throne. Regardless of if he couldn’t perform in the state, plenty of other states would gladly have him. Even his fans in Georgia are kind of upset with what they are trying to do.

Recently, R. Kelly was doing a show, and things did go awry. Something different happened during his last performance. After all the accusations about R. Kelly with women, a woman took advantage of him, taking something out of his pocket, while he was stage diving.

Watch the entire video below:

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