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Melissa is being trashed by #LHHATL fans at the #LHHATLReunion, they’re asking why she’s at the reunion, seeing how her bar was always empty and she had no story, BUT she would beat Ariane

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

If anyone remembers the girlfriend Mimi introduced, last season, on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” it’s clear she has a type. This season saw her introduce her “friend,” Melissa Scott, aka DJ M. She is prominent in the city of Atlanta, as a DJ, and promoter.

As the owner of her own venue, DJ M was responsible for doing a lot of events with Stevie J and Joseline. When she and Mimi were still in the early phase of their relationship, Melissa said she and Joseline were only business friends. Soon, it became clear they were close friends.

While Mimi was getting on Melissa for that, she let it slip that she had a fling with Ariane. Tonight, all of this came to a head, during the reunion, leading to Ariane calling Melissa jealous over her looking better than her. Melissa owned her with the clapback, but no one was here for either one of them.

Read the tweets about Melissa below:

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