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XXXTentacion sparks major backlash on Twitter, when he tweets “LIL DYLANN ROOF,” referencing the kid who killed the Charleston churchgoers

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

One thing’s for sure, this new generation of hip hop is different than previous eras. Leading this new charge are guys like XXXTentacion, who is not afraid to be controversial for no reason. The Florida rapper received more attention, when he called Drake out, for no reason.

Really trying one of rap’s biggest names, XXXTentacion posted a photo of Drake’s mother on his Instagram. As tempting as that was, Drake never responded to him. But, XXXTentacion is continuing his controversial moves.

Probably, the worst thing to happen in the recent race wars was how the kid, Dylann Roof, targeted the church in Charleston. For no apparent reason, he killed those people, due to race, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, cousins, children, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles, with no remorse. XXXTentacion posts “LIL DYLANN ROOF” on his Twitter and has people going in.

Read the tweets about XXXTentacion below:

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