Kim Kardashian visited Beyonce in the hospital and held the Carter twins (FULL PHOTOS INCLUDED) [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

When Kanye West got with Kim Kardashian, he finally said he found “his Beyonce.” Through his career, Kanye West never was shy about his admiration for Jay Z. Along with this, he also wanted a powerhouse relationship.

Definitely, Kanye West added the star power when Kim Kardashian became his woman. Their union was official when DJ Khaled had Kim K in his video for his Kanye West-assisted single. Since then, the couple has welcomed two children.

Kanye West spoke on Kim and Beyonce when he was on “The Breakfast Club.” There, he revealed a friendship between the two women, despite what social media tries to portray. But, the friendship was confirmed when a photo surfaced of Kim Kardashian holding Beyonce and Jay Z’s twin babies.

See the photo of Kim Kardashian here.

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