Audio surfaces of phone call between Rasheeda and another woman, where woman hints at Rasheeda’s son being “involved” with her son #LHHATL [AUDIO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

Wow, for Rasheeda, if it isn’t one controversy, it’s another. The sixth season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is winding down, but Rasheeda’s drama is far from resolved. In the Kirk/Jasmine situation, Logan has entered the picture, but sources say he’s also not the father.

Rasheeda has enough going on, if that was her only problem. Now, the child that is nearly grown is the center of controversy. From the way they are making things appear, they are saying Rasheeda’s son is involved with another male.

This morning, audio surfaced of a phone call between Rasheeda and the mother of another teenage boy. The other boy’s mother hints at Rasheeda’s son sending her son some “things” via text message that she should know about. While exactly what it is wasn’t said, again, it sounds like these two are “involved.”

Source: Fameolous

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