YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback (On Sunday, Fathers’ Day Edition): Will Smith – “Just The Two of Us”

By YRS Jerzy
Hip-HopVibe.com Staff Writer

A lot of people forget Will Smith actually made his name as an emcee, way before rap. Even though “Family Guy” made a joke out of his rap career, Will Smith laid the blueprint for rappers. Now, it’s almost expected that rappers become actors.

Will Smith releasedĀ Big Willie Style, his solo debut album, in 1997. This album is possibly best-known for “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” his Nas-written breakout single. The follow-up single was “Just The Two of Us,” where fatherhood was celebrated.

“Just The Two of Us” boasted video cameos from Magic and EJ Johnson, Montell Jordan and his son, Muhammad Ali and his children, and a baby Jaden with Jada. Ultimately, Will Smith made the only hip hop song celebrating fatherhood. With the Wednesday Throwback not happening and today being Fathers’ Day, this made sense.

Watch “Just The Two of Us” by Will Smith below:

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