Twitter is down! This is not a drill, the popular networking site has been down for 10 minutes

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer

For everyone getting ready to flip out, thinking it’s just their Twitter, no, it’s everybody. The worst thing about Twitter being down is how nobody can go to Twitter and talk about how it’s down. Usually, when things happen, people are on Twitter, going on and on about it.

So, it looks like Facebook is going to be the popular destination, at least for the next few minutes. Sites like Twitter take pride in not going down, but it happens. There’s probably some kind of update going on that’s stopped the site from being accessible.

But, for everyone losing their heads, calm down, this is the screen almost everyone is getting. So, if anything, now is a good time to go outside and actually enjoy the weather. Take those faces off the screen, or just go over to Instagram, LOL.

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