Young Lito responds to Troy Ave’s claims that he ran during the 2016 shooting, denying running, but said he could’ve reacted differently [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Once upon a time, Young Lito was Troy Ave’s right-hand man. The two were close up until the shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City. Since then, Troy Ave has accused Young Lito of running for his own safety when he got shot.

Recently, Young Lito began telling his side of the story and accusing his former partner of lying. Going a step further, Young Lito would even call Troy Ave “the biggest joke of New York City.” With his NuPac album out, Troy Ave has done a lot of interviews.

Young Lito went straight to Instagram with his response, however. He says that he never ran during the shooting. However, Young Lito did say he wished he could have done things differently, and then paying homage to Banga, the man who did lose his life.

See Young Lito’s Instagram post below:

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