Karlie was being extra messy, trying to tell Rasheeda and Kirk’s business to Tammy, Mimi, and the game; #LHHATL fans were not with that, AT ALL

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In between seasons, Tommie and Tammy have become friends. Their daughters are friends, so they became friends. With that being a common factor, Tammy decided to bring Tommie around her circle of friends, including Mimi and Karlie Redd.

Those who watched “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” last season, should remember Karlie pursuing Scrapp, despite being friends with Tommie and Tiarra. Both ladies, while rivals with each other, fought Karlie. As she said tonight, Tommie wanted to fight her again.

Out of respect to Tammy, and due to anger management, Tommie decided to give Karlie a hug. Immediately after this, Karlie tried jumping right into the Rasheeda/Kirk drama, which Tammy shut down right there. Fans agreed with Tammy, plus with the Tommie situation, they were not there for her tonight.

Read the tweets about Karlie below:

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