Alexis Sky is on #LHHATL??? Fans are shocked and then to find out she’s Jessica Dime’s GIRLFRIEND??? Dis tew much

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Already, Alexis Sky is one of the most-popular people on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” In her brief scene, Alexis Sky is being complimented to the highest because Twitter thinks she’s beautiful. So does Jessica Dime and this is why she is on the show.

Jessica Dime has gone through her fair share of men, but her time on the show has detailed her having time with women. Remember, her introduction to the show touched on her and Joseline “playing.” Now, she has moved onto Alexis Sky, promising to do what Fetty Wap can’t.

Recently, rumors have circulated about Alexis Sky joining “Love & Hip Hop.” But, seeing how she took a photo with Nikki and Hazel-E, it seemed like she would be joining “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” which may be true. However, Twitter was shocked by her Atlanta intro as Jessica Dime’s girlfriend.

Read the tweets about Jessica Dime below:

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