Rent Money and Super Trapper… Twitter gives Future a major win for his #RentMoney record off #Future, they say this one is fire

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With no radio play and media attention, yet, “Rent Money” and “Super Trapper” are 2017’s two biggest songs. Both of these songs are by Future and taken from his self-titled album. What an amazing turnaround for the Atlanta rapper.

After Honest, Future retooled his career, solidified his partnership with Drake, and took over the game. His momentum peaked in 2016, when he premiered Evol with DJ Khaled. Since then, fans have grown weary of Future, but he is back, now.

Going the self-titled route, Future dropped his album yesterday. This morning, the fans have gotten ahold of the album and they are in love with “Rent Money” and “Super Trapper.” They have both songs trending on Twitter, as they believe both are the hottest records out.

Read the tweets about “Rent Money” below:

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