HHV On The Rise Video of the Week: Handsome Balla – “Imma Ride”

By Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Pay attention to Handsome Balla, he is going to be a very big deal in 2017. Expect to see much more of Handsome Balla on Hip Hop Vibe as the year goes on. Before the end of 2016, Handsome Balla put out his mixtape, Balla Alert, to much fanfare.

Handsome Balla has several records that have gone viral. These tracks, especially the music videos, have done exceptionally well upon being released. The latest in these strings of releases is “Imma Ride,” which had a video drop just before 2016 ended.

Seeing the impact Handsome Balla is having, his work deserves a second look. The Brooklyn rapper has a potential hit in “Imma Ride,” which is blowing up. Fitting, “Imma Ride,” is the HHV On The Rise Video of the Week.

Watch “Imma Ride” by Handsome Balla below:

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