Wale hilariously ends Tomi Lahren’s sarcastic rant about the #ObamaFarewell speech

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, Wale returned from his hiatus and he put out a record speaking on the current issues of the world. In this song, Wale tackled the topic of Tomi Lahren. He called her “Tammy,” which amused many who have no use for her.

Since then, many fans have begun calling Tomi Lahren by the Wale-appointed nickname of Tammy. Being dissed by Wale hasn’t stopped her from continuing to do what she does best, however. Last night, the address Barack Obama gave the nation was her opening.

As she always does, Tomi Lahren was spouting about Obama and his speech. Millions were impressed, but Tomi isn’t going to be the one to make it a million and one. After catching her tweet, Wale hilariously cut the conservative pundit back down to size.

Read Wale’s response to Tomi Lahren below:

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