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50 Cent claims Kelly Price will sing the National Anthem for the Soulja Boy/Chris Brown boxing match [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Literally, 50 Cent is the king of controversy, because he owes his entire fortune to some type of beef. His rap career took off on the back of his beef with Ja Rule, which led to every album having a beef. Even the show, “Power,” he works on, he pit against “Empire.”

When Soulja Boy and Chris Brown began beefing, 50 Cent was paying attention to it. After Floyd Mayweather announced a boxing match between the two, 50 Cent jumped on it. Once Floyd Mayweather began training Soulja Boy, 50 got Mike Tyson for Chris Brown.

All kinds of rumors are flying about the boxing match. Several dates have been thrown around, as have the location of Dubai, per the choice of the fighters, none of which has truly been confirmed. But, 50 Cent revealed some info on his Instagram, claiming that Kelly Price will be singing the National Anthem.

See 50 Cent’s Instagram post below:

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