Look at the Charlotte Hornets getting @NBATV #GameoftheDay for all the wrong reasons; Them boys still can’t close out games

By G Moniy
HHV Sports Contributing Writer

The other side of Jimmy Butler’s amazing 52 point lead is yet another blown game by the Charlotte Hornets. After their surprising season where they went 48-34, the Hornets have real competition. Based off last season, NBA fans thought they’d win the Southeast Division title.

Yes, the division titles don’t mean anything in the NBA, but the Hornets are one of the few teams to never win one. Charlotte has a young core led by Kemba Walker, but time is of the essence. The Hornets are leading their division, but the Washington Wizards are a real threat.

Finally, the Charlotte Hornets are getting the recognition they deserve, but it is coming in losses. Yes, the Hornets maintain a winning record at 19-16, and yes, it is better than what they were last season, at this time, but this isn’t last season. For starters, the team needs to win more than three games in a row, and then they need to beat a good team.

On top of it all, Charlotte needs to win the games they’re supposed to, like going to play the Bulls and Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade are out with injury. This loss should be the Hornets’ motivation to get out here and win about ten straight and show the East what’s up. Their record if they actually closed games is now up to 26-8, so Charlotte needs to get it together, and Kemba Walker needs to have another one of those 50 point games he had like last season.

Watch Kemba Walker’s highlights from last night below:

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