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Hip Hop Vibe’s Comeback of the Year: Gucci Mane

By Alyssa Debonair
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Consistency has never been a problem for Gucci Mane, but his behavior was. If he did the right thing, Gucci Mane had the potential to be one of the biggest names in the industry. But, his mixtape consistency has never been matched.

Back in 2013, Gucci Mane went to prison just when he was beginning to push Young Thug and Migos. This came in the midst of a strong run of releases and the fallout with Waka Flocka. His lowest point came when he fought in the mall, before his Twitter rant that Rocko crashed.

With Gucci Mane coming out of prison, fans did not know what to expect. There were a strong number of people who expected Gucci to come out the same way he went in, but he changed. Everything from how he acted, to his weight, to his message, this is a new Gucci Mane, as he told Hot 97, he isn’t going back to prison.

Starting with “First Day Out The Feds,” up until proposing to Keyshia Ka’oir at the Hawks game, Gucci Mane has been the man in 2016. To think, just one year ago, Gucci Mane was wasting away in prison and now his music is dominating everywhere. Although cases can be made for Bell Biv DeVoe and, a few others, Gucci Mane definitely had the comeback of the year.

Watch “First Day Out Da Feds” by Gucci Mane below:

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