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Is Psyco Sid the next Houston breakout star? | HHV Artists To Know

By Ryan J
Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer

For many, when you hear the name Psyco Sid, the famous wrestler (actually spelled Sycho Sid, commonly referred to as Sid Vicious) comes to mind. However, a new Psyco Sid continues to make his presence felt in the hip-hop community. This one comes by way of Houston.

An active member in the Third Ward community, Psyco Sid is a true product of Houston’s music culture. However, his upbeat flow and his flamboyant lyrics give him a new-school edge that propels him into the spotlight. The world is beginning to pay attention to him.

A true product of Houston’s music culture, Psyco Sid has collaborated with nearly every artist Houston has to offer, from S.U.C. members Big Pokey and Lil KeKe to Propain. His featured project, Sokul We Be Vol#1 also includes features from Stunna Bam, Devin The Dude, Just Britney, GT Garza, Manny Sauce, Dante Higgins, and many more.

One of the most unique characteristics about Psyco Sid that continues to elevate him on the hip-hop totem pole is his humble personality and his family-oriented spirit, a characteristic that is absent among many new artists. With unprecedented popularity in the urban community, Psyco Sid has already managed to accumulate “Street Fame” a quality that many new artists struggle to attain.

His new single, “AM I” gives you a thorough expectation of what to expect from Psyco Sid as an artist. Catch Psyco Sid live at THE DEN HOUSTON Dec. 22 as part of the WE Support Houston Concert Series.

Watch “Am I” by Psyco Sid below: