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#ThirstTrapThursday with Annie Cruz: Kaylani Lei talks evolution of her career, favorite films, and more

By Annie Cruz
Vivid Radio Host / Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer 

Anyone reading this section already knows who Kaylani Lei is. She has made quite a name for herself in the world of adult entertainment and erotica. Working with Wicked Pictures, Kaylani Lei made several memorable videos.


In addition to working in the XXX world, Kaylani Lei did some erotic film-works with HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax, among others. This work has made her a household name. Also, Kaylani Lei has consistently been among the highest ranked XXX performers.

Kaylani Lei is the latest person to do a #ThirstTrapThursday feature here and it is exciting. Telling exactly how she’s managed to turn herself into a household name, Kaylani Lei touched on every topic. She detailed her journey in the world of entertainment, and even shared a hilarious story.

Read the entire interview below:

How did you discover the adult entertainment industry or did it discover you? About fourteen years ago, I was dancing at Olympic Garden, (Las Vegas gentlemen’s club) and a guy who was a manager for the industry offered to help get me work. Back then, I wasn’t website or online savvy at all, so it was described to me as “getting paid to pose nude for people to look at through their computers,” and also for magazine work like Hustler, Penthouse and such.

Long story short, I agreed, traveled to LA with him and another girl to meet my soon to be adult movie agent, Roy. That’s how it all started, I was doing magazine shoots, web content, and adult movies and before I knew it, I was at an AVN convention signing autographs for hundreds of people who had seen and knew my work.

And that was that. Shortly after, I signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures and shot exclusively with them for the next 10-11 years. I remember signing that contract with the owner of the company, Steve Orenstein, as being one of the most exciting days of my career life :).

What’s your favorite film that you’ve made? Ah, that’s a tough one because I’ve had the pleasure of making so many amazing adult scenes, films, and feature movies. I guess a few of my favorites would be:

Accidental Hooker
The Wicked
Blind Date
Forever IS The Night
Last Call

(Just to name a few).

You’ve done mainstream movie/TV work as well as adult. What’s your fave mainstream project that you’ve starred in? I’ve appeared, and starred in, several HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax projects. My favorite few are The Erotic Traveler, Co-Ed Confidential, Zane’s Sex Chronicles.

Also had a blast on the set of Rammstein’s music video for “Mein Land” in Malibu on the beach. The video turned out amazing and we all had so much fun making it.

What do you like best about feature dancing in clubs? It’s such a great opportunity for me to meet my fans and supporters. I love performing on stage to some of my favorite music, and watching people’s faces in awe when I pour that hot candle wax all over myself ( ha;) ).

I love the traveling part of it too, all the club staff are awesome and make it fun, in some way. Like one time, I was in Denver for Platinum84, and they took me snowboarding and one of the house dancers let me borrow her snowboard and gear. Stuff like that makes these gigs so fun. I also get to travel and dance with my girls on some gigs and that’s wayyyy fun. We get crazy and have a blast.

Do you remember any clever, persuasive or funny pick-up lines that guys have tried on you? Oh, of course.

Guy: “Hey girl, your feet tired? Me: No, why? Guy: Cuz you’ve been running through my mind all day” hahaha and…
Guy: “What nationality are your parents?”
Me: “Filipina mom, Chinese dad”
Guy: Holds up wine glass, “Compliments to the chef.” lol

Which hip hop artists do you like to listen to currently? Future, G-Eazy, Cudi, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Snoop, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Fetty Wap, just to name a few, and certainly in no particular order.

Where can fans connect with you online? Twitter @kaylanilive, IG @kaylanilive, Snap @kaylani_live, and fan site

See additional photos of Kaylani Lei below:

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