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On The Rise: J Maddix

j-maddixBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The biggest rap phenomenon in a long time came from New Jersey and, because of that, all eyes are on the garden state. This spotlight has benefited many artists from the area. Count J Maddix in as one of those artists.


Comparable to Game, J Maddix is the sergeant when many of these other hip hop figures are army brats. Literally, J Maddix spent time in the military. His time being stationed in Germany was a turning point in his life.

Currently, J Maddix is experiencing success from his “Radio Raheem” single. The track is dedicated to the actor who died over the summer and J Maddix took time out to stop and do an interview. Speaking with Hip Hop Vibe for the latest On The Rise interview, he explained his rising success.

Read the entire interview below:

Was it being stationed in Germany that inspired you to begin rapping? Being in Germany is when I felt it was my time to live my life and be who I’ve always want to be, which was a musical entertainer.

Being from New Jersey, how does it feel to see the Garden State in the music spotlight? Feels good, I’m pretty connected with many indie artists from there and I love to see them pursuing a lyrical hobby instead of something worse. So, it’s a dope feeling knowing New Jersey is on the rise.

In what ways can you compare being in the military to the rap game? There are many who will support and many who won’t support, but at the end of the day, you have to be the best you can be for yourself and give them something to hate on or give them something to love about you.

Which project of yours do you feel connected with fans the most? J Maddix – Choppaz. Hometown was rocking with me heavy.

How did you and Young Dro link for the “M.O.B.S.” record that dropped last year? My guy, Bigg Von over at We Got Hits Productions, set that up for us, they work with all major artist and up-and-coming artists and the track was a calling because it was a hot track offered by them and Young Dro heard it and rocked with it.

As an independent artist, what is the most-important thing you feel you need to know? Know my own worth and determine my music path I want to go with.

What is the hardest part about coming up in an industry such as this? Networking with the right people. Weeding out who’s there for just the money and who’s there to be an effective part of your music career

Where can the fans find you on social media? Instagram, J_maddix; Twitter, music_maddix.

Watch “Radio Raheem” by J Maddix below:

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