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Hottie of the Week: Karina Dyann

karina-dyann-2By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Today is the day where most Americans give thanks for all that they have in their lives. In the land of the free, there are many people still pushing for the American dream. Karina Dyann is one of those people who is pursuing her dreams.


Currently, Karina Dyann is making herself a fixture via the Philadelphia club scene. She has built a loyal following of people and they heard to the bars, just to see her. In turn, Karina is flipping this into a growing modeling career.

Karina Dyann took a pause from her very busy schedule, especially on the day of family and giving, to discuss her career. Finally, the Hottie of the Week segment is back and it’s not a moment too soon. During the interview, she would discuss the moves she is making in the game.

Read the entire interview below:

What is your opinion about the current entertainment industry? I think it is cool and fine, the main thing is about having respect for yourself as a women and having integrity. That’s the main about thing being a woman in this industry. Other than that it’s fine, I love music and many things in the entertainment business.

Does looking at women like Tahiry and Erica Mena inspire you to make the most out of your Instagram page to make money? What I like about them is that they came a long way. I think Erica Mena is so fly and all of that, people can say what they want about her, but she is so fly to me. I love it. As far as inspiration, the main thing that I’m learning, as my career progresses, is branding and how it more to just looking pretty and having a few hot pics on Instagram, how to turn your followers into an actual fan base. Tahiry is doing her thing as well, much respect.

Where do you see your career going? Doing big things of course, I just did a new photo shoot and pics will be available soon. Right now I’m just lining things up expanding my brand and making the most of it. This industry is fast and I’m learning one step at a time. You can catch me at Lyrics Lounge as well, here in Philadelphia and Yomaxis. Lyrics Lounge be poppin, we have many big events there often.

What are your hopes for the next two to five years? LOL. Taking the Karina Dyann brand, of course, to the next level. I know it not an overnight process but I’m ready for success. More hosting gigs and becoming that brand to turn up the party and of course have business ventures as well and share success with other women in this industry who are serious too. I have a whole vision and while this industry is new to me, I’m ready for the long haul.

How close do you feel you are to reaching those goals? Great now that I’m understanding the importance of a publicist and branding. Actually having marketing strategies and much more. Q The Question is good at that and showing me the business of it, that it more than just looking good and pretty. How to separate yourself from the others a well, especially in a competitive market.

Where can fans connect with you on social media?

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