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On The Rise: Druski Dru

druski-druBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

By paying attention to what the internet is saying, Druski Dru has got next. He is another Florida rapper, following Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, and Ace Hood, among other young rappers from the area. But, there is something different about this one.


Druski Dru has an anthem in “On Mamas,” which dropped during the second half of this summer. With a big anthem behind him, Druski is now pushing for full-fledged stardom. Right now, it is definitely attainable, but time is of the essence.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe caught up with Druski Dru for the latest On The Rise interview. During the conversation, he discussed the other Florida rappers who are rising to success. In addition to this, he spoke on his own rising stardom in the game.

Read the entire interview below:

You’re from Florida with acts like Kodak Black and several others coming out of the area how do you feel your sound is unique? First and foremost, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. Honestly, I think about this quite a bit, these days. If you listen to my catalog, you’ll see that I’ve been consistently at it for over nine years now, a lot of people don’t know that. The true benchmark of success is having something unique about you as an artist, having an ability to adapt to changes within the musical landscape, or even both and I have both. If you look at my influences, you’ll hear their traits within my sound in a crafty way. But, the thing that separates me from Kodak Black and the other artist coming out of Florida is that I take my vocal qualities and use them in different ways to gather the attention of a wide and diversified audience, as opposed to just being one way, having one style, one sound. I’m referred to as a leader, an innovator not a follower.

Another difference between me and them is I HAVE MUSIC [laughing]. All I’m hearing is artists coming out and settling for mixtapes. But then, I turn and I see Bryson Tiller, he releases a single, and it’s followed by an actual album. So, with me, I’ve done mixtapes in the past, but I’ve evolved into an artist who can deliver an album to my fans and music enthusiasts, alike. I can’t have an influence over society with just mixtapes. To conquer this beast and be number one, I must compete on a full scale. That’s what I’m prepared to do.

Your latest single titled “Savage” has been gaining some attention all over the internet. Did you feel this would be the single that made the biggest impact? Truth be told, I instantly loved it, but I was just working hard in the studio and not focusing on the release, so when it came out, and the reports were coming in; yeah I was like WOW, what a crazy reaction [laughing]. Still in awe and appreciating the chance to even be heard, but when it comes to “Savage;” it’s a dope record! The speed of my flow changes, and just by telling a story of a “Savage”experience, I’m sure people can relate to it, and that makes an enjoyable song for my audiences to hear. The lyrical content is also crazy, wild and unique and once on in the club, it’s a record that’ll ensure you’ll have a great time.

How do you feel your future singles and video releases will impact the hip-hop culture in the future? Well for one, I’m just warming up so get ready [Laughing]. No, but truthfully, two things I like doing: Incorporating real-life and organic experiences, and not reinvent the wheel, but expand it or rather enhance it. I’m always thinking of ways to show experiences and create an atmosphere that people can relate too. So, I feel those methods coupled with the topics in which my lyrics are within is how I truly feel I can have a major impact on culture.

Have you yet had a fan experience and if so how did you react? True story, a good-looking girl came up to me and told me she makes love to my music. At first, I was taken back by it, because I wasn’t expecting something like that at this event I was making an appearance at, coming from a fan, but then I broke out laughing and it was super cool! So, I’m bringing it back for dark skinned guys, I guess. Taking it away from the light skinned guys, which was opened by an artist like Drake, [laughing loudly] I’m kidding. But, another one was here in Florida, when an up-and-coming artist told me how I inspire them, to make GOOD MUSIC.

Most of all though, I appreciate each one of my fans, and my fans are the reason why I do what I do.

When I perform, I create an atmosphere and a moment to be very intimate with my fans. That’s my way to say thank you for all their support. My fans are just super loyal.

Was great speaking with you let the fans know where they can follow up with you via social media.  ABSOLUTELY and thank you for having me, it was a pleasure. Follow me on the IG – @druskiidrunation, snapchat – @druskiidru, Twitter is @druskiidruworld, and my Facebook and website is There you’ll be able to get some great music and merchandise.

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