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Black Justin Bieber? #AtlantaFX fans dominate Twitter trying to figure out why Austin Crute is Justin Bieber and why it is so hilarious

black-justin-bieberBy Alyssa Debonair
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Bruh, “Atlanta” is so wild, like how many people were expecting the actual Justin Bieber when his name came up? Instead, they got a black guy, hilariously played by Austin Crute. He played in the celebrity basketball game with Paperboi (Brian Tyree Henry).


Other notable people who played in the celebrity basketball game were none other than Lloyd, Lil Zane, and Jaleel White. Still, the hardest to get over was the Black Justin Bieber. He immediately clashed with Paperboi and the two fought on the court.

Before the episode ended, Black Justin Bieber had his own version of “Sorry” he created to apologize to his fans. Within the show, it worked and paid off well for him, while Paperboi was left with nothing. The “Atlanta” fans on Twitter loved this concept and they have “Black Justin Bieber” trending.

Read the “Black Justin Bieber” tweets below:

blackjustinbieber1 blackjustinbieber2 blackjustinbieber3 blackjustinbieber4 blackjustinbieber5 blackjustinbieber6 blackjustinbieber7

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