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Hottie of the Week (Memorial Weekend 2016 Edition): Dasia Chantel

Dasia ChantelBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Someone relatively new to modeling game, Dasia Chantel, is turning heads. Smart and beautiful, Dasia Chantel is bringing an essence to modeling that disappeared in the music video era. Definitely urban, she is also classy and it’s refreshing.

Dasia Chantel is a Southern girl, Clarksville, Tennessee native, so her upbringing is obviously different from ladies in New York, Chicago, or LA. This has helped to add to the allure Dasia Chantel possesses. Her modeling is done well and her work is memorable.

This week, Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to speak to Dasia Chantel and she discussed her aspirations. Inspired by Tyra Banks’ long-running reality series, “America’s Next Top Model,” Dasia Chantel finally decided to pursue modeling. She discussed modeling and her pursuit of her degree.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us how long you have been a model and where your inspiration came from? I’ve been a model since December 2015, so not too long. I have always wanted to be a model from an early age growing up and watching every season and episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” so that really inspired me. I’m also naturally very photogenic and I received compliments and encouragement every day to try modeling. I never seriously thought about it until last year when several photographers from Nashville, TN offered to come to Clarksville, TN where I reside to shoot with me, and I was like, hey, I could really do this!

I see your from Tennessee, what automatically comes to mind when you think about where your from? Country people. Lol, seriously! The majority of people who live here are country and, I guess if I went up North, I would be considered country too, but I don’t think so. But Tennessee is also very beautiful landscape-wise; there’s so many different things to do here and it’s a nice place to live for young and old people. As for Clarksville, since I’ve lived here a good portion of my life it’s pretty boring but it’s still nice!

What outlets are you looking into to help you further yourself in modeling and entertainment? I’m very versatile and multi-talented so I’m branching out in a lot of different ways right now. One of my strongest assets is that I’m a very good dancer. I’m unique, because I’ve never taken a dance class but I’m better than most people who have. I can do ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, etc. So, I’m currently undergoing some videos that showcase my dancing skills and I already have done shoots incorporating it, and I have an upcoming African themed dance video I will be in! Other outlets I’m pursuing are singing, acting, fitness modeling, natural hair modeling, and hosting. I have several upcoming projects involving those too!

You’re attending college, correct? What is your field of study and what are your career goals after you obtain your degree? Yes, I am! I attend Austin Peay State University and I am majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in Biology and Pre-Medicine. My main aspiration and career goal is to become a Pediatrician! So, after college I will be attending Medical school. I can’t wait!

After you have met your career goals where do you see yourself settling down at in the world? Wow, I honestly have no clue. I want to settle down in a big city because I’ve grown up in a small one. Once I establish myself as a doctor I can live comfortably almost anywhere so I could be in California, Florida, Texas, who knows!

Would you ever be interested in doing reality television and which shows do you watch, if any? It depends on the type. I’m a classy woman and only want to be represented in classy situations (I.E. no “Bad Girls Club” or “Love & Hip Hop”). So, if I was offered something tasteful, I’d be all for it!

Can you tell us some of your favorite foods and what do you like to do to unwind? I absolutely love macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese, but both have to be exactly the way I like them, or I’ll get upset (laughs). I like to unwind by dancing, yoga, or running.

When finding interest in the opposite sex what qualities do you typically look for? He has to look good (laughs). Second, he has to love God, be confident, respectful, trustworthy, and have a good career/future. He also has to be able to handle and alpha female who likes to get what she wants most of the time.

The NBA finals are right around the corner, if you had to pick one player in the NBA to be your boo who would it be and why? Um, duh! Stephen Curry! The only good looking one out there.

Where can we find you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Instagram: @4everchantel @daisiachantel; Twitter: @4ever_chantel; Facebook: Daisia Frank.

See additional photos of Dasia Chantel below:

Dasia Chantel 2 Dasia Chantel 3

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