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#BBMAs star-studded and a tribute fit for a king???? Or how about a PRINCE???? Or nah ?

Madonna Prince tribute BBMAsBy Rickelle Harrell
Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer

The 2016 Billboard Awards were nothing short of entertainment and talent. Some of the entertainment came from the shade and drama among the entertainers themselves this year! It all went down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last night.

The pink carpet was laid out with celebs like Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Zendaya, Ciara and Russell, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Rock, Ty Dolla Sign, and more. Ludacris this year’s host and he was accompanied by his beautiful wife. Euxodie showed off her fabulous post baby body in a little black dress and killer heels.

Luda apparently came for more than reading off nominees last night he took time to READ the Billboard Awards Luda said the Billboards are just like the Oscars of music except there are black nominees. Yes we are so here for it Luda!

Among other disappointments with the BBMAs was the Prince tribute sang by Madonna. It fell short of a lot expectations celebs took to social media to express their disapproval R&B crooner, Tank, tweeted “PRINCE was are REAL singer … he wrote “it’s up to us to represent his legacy.” Ouch Madonna fans! BBMA viewers tweeted that Madonna was not worthy enough to sing Prince music. Calling her washed up and one viewer even took it there reminding us of Madonna kissing of 20 year old Brittney Spears to stay relevant – Brittney Spears did an amazing sexy job kicking off the show and she sure isn’t 20 anymore.

But, not all was here for criticizing the tribute Questlove, tweeted, while nearly missing his flight said, “because of P’s well known love for the *poof* vanishing act. A lot of us are left feeling incomplete in the act of saying goodbye.” He went on to make the point there will be other awards show and give Madonna a break. “And a gazillion other tributes. But the point is let’s not get ugly w playing the “Prince would and wouldn’t approve” game.”

BET must have missed the tweets and caught the petty train shortly after a BET promo of the Prince Tribute that will air on BET June 26th read “Yeah, we saw that. Don’t worry. We Got You.” With the hashtags #BETawards #PrinceTribute. Oh we are so here for it all.

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