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Evan Barlow is A BEAST on the Mic

We’ve all heard of Mac Miller, Yela Wolf, Machine Gun Kelly, Kid Rock and Eminem right? It looks like Hip-Hop has given birth to a new convergence! EVAN BARLOW. Ok so the name might not ring a bell but we promise you, once you press play on this record, you’ll soon become a BAR-Liever. Evan Barlow hails from the land of Richmond Virginia and is as extraordinary as it gets.

He’s committed to raise the bar of sound in art and pushes the envelope with the release of his emotionally surged new single “Come Together,” from his forthcoming project titled “FABRICS.” The rising star unveils his real life struggle as a recovering drug addict in the new banger, dropping lyrics that bring vividness to the dark corners of drug temptation.

 I lay I’m restless I cannot believe I questioning going back second guessing myself, I know the answer is no! Know what the answer is, know that this demons cancerous, know that I can’t substain it impossible to maintain it, but I can’t the sickness is too much for me to handle my stomach is doing flips this picture up on the mantle is fucking with me inside!” Barlow belts out in reference to the picture of his deceased mother’s photo over his mantle.


The Richmond, Virginia native is known for shattering genre-barriers and effortlessly merging different types of music to achieve a new sound he’s coined as “music of the day after tomorrow.” Barlow is currently in the studio working on his highly anticipated upcoming mixtape “FABRICS.” He’s worked with an incredible group of artists on his new project, including the talented producer Bink (Kanye West, Jay Z), Pop Wansel producers Some Randoms, Chally who is signed to Timbaland, Macklemore’s horn players Greg Kramer and Ouwor Arunga, as well as Andrew Hypes, Will Perry and more.

Keep up with Evan Barlow’s latest moves on Twitter and Instagram: @evanbarlowmusic.