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Jadakiss breakdances in the studio in promotion of #Top5DeadorAlive [VIDEO]

JadakissbreakdancesvidBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After taking a little time off, Jadakiss is back and ready to finish what he started, five years ago. When he delivered The Last Kiss, Jadakiss promised he would deliver a new album every year. This is a feat mastered by Jay Z during his original run.

Jadakiss, however, would begin a six year and counting hiatus from releasing albums. In the meantime, Jadakiss did come in good with a new mixtape every year. However, all of this ended when he released his last project in 2012.

Yesterday, Jadakiss would catch the attention of the hip hop world. He is known for being a gritty and lyrical rapper, but few would associate Jadakiss to the roots of the actual hip hop culture. But, here it is, Jadakiss put a video of him breakdancing up on his Instagram for the whole world to see.

Watch Jadakiss’ Instagram video below:

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