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50 Cent says “Empire” is “cool,” but not better than “Power” #EmpireFOX #Empireseason2 #PowerTV #PowerStarz

50 CentBy Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When “Empire” debuted on FOX, everyone loved the show, as it was led by Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Ultimately, Lee Daniels made it cool for people to watch soap operas. The only person to dislike the show was 50 Cent, saying it ripped off his Starz series, “Power.”

By virtue, 50 Cent admitted “Power” is also a primetime soap opera, but he made for great social media entertainment. Throughout the first season of “Empire,” 50 Cent trolled the show and cast. In the end, he co-signed the show and even expressed interest in guest starring.

However, when “Power” was set to return, 50 Cent went right back into promo mode, putting “Empire” down. Now, “Empire” is the show set to return and 50 Cent is back to his promo, slighting the show. Taking a photo in front of an “Empire” poster and putting it on his Instagram, 50 Cent said the show is “cool,” but not better than “Power.”

See 50 Cent’s Instagram photo below:


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