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Marquise Jackson denies having a Facebook account, didn’t diss 50 Cent

Marquise Jackson 2By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Troubled is one word to describe the ongoing relationship between 50 Cent and his oldest son, Marquise Jackson. This is the type of relationship that doesn’t need any help in getting worse. But, this doesn’t stop people from trying.

Many people go online for the sole reason of making celebrities’ lives a living nightmare. They do this by creating social media accounts under the names of celebrities. The latest victim is Marquise Jackson, who fell victim during Fathers’ Day.

During Fathers’ Day, a fake Marquise Jackson Facebook account made a post, dedicated to a man not named 50 Cent, who he cites as his “real” father. Of course, this post caused a lot of reactions on the internet. Marquise Jackson cleared the air via Twitter and set the record straight, he doesn’t even have a Facebook page.

Read Marquise Jackson’s tweet below:


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