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Nas partners with NYC-based Sweet Chick restaurant [PHOTOS]

Nas 5By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the most-talented emcees hip hop has ever seen, Nas is behind some of the most powerful records in history. His career has seen many ups and downs over the past twenty plus years. It’s been three years since Life is Good, disappointing many, but Nas is straight.

Initially, Nas planned to continue delivering new music. However, real life got in the way and Nas ended up branching out on the business end. Any time Nas is compared to Jay Z, the business aspect is often brought up and now Nas is making some things happen.

Nas’ latest business move sees him jumping into the restaurant business, partnering with John Seymour. The partnership with John Seymour makes Nas a partner in the Sweet Chick restaurant. This new venture was revealed on Nas’ Instagram and now he is a partner in the New York City-based chicken and waffles restaurant.

See Nas’ Instagram photos below:

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