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HHV Video of the Week: Yo Gotti – “Concealed”

ConcealedvidBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past couple of years have proven there isn’t much Yo Gotti can’t do, as the Memphis rapper is everywhere. He pushed his album back from a 2014 release to a 2015 release. But, mixtapes is where Yo Gotti gained his fame and this is where he returned.

In the first few days of 2015, Yo Gotti released his new mixtape, which is called Concealed. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Drama, who talked to Hip Hop Vibe’s DJ Louie Styles at the Global Spin Awards. Meanwhile, his mixtape with Yo Gotti is everywhere.

Yo Gotti’s title track is a song the fans online really took to. This week, he released the music video for the single and it was met with a strong reaction. It seems like every time Yo Gotti drops, he’s met with a big reaction and “Concealed” scored Video of the Week this week, here on Hip Hop Vibe.

Watch “Concealed” by Yo Gotti below:

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