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Longtime ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott, dead at the age of 49

Stuart ScottBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Often, many talk about the influence hip hop has had on the mainstream culture. Daily, ESPN had the opportunity to see this with Stuart Scott, whether they knew it or not. A native of North Carolina, Stuart Scott started his career in local media.

Stuart Scott soon joined the ESPN family, joining ESPN2, before transitioning to the main network. He made his impression felt on the anchor show, SPORTSCenter and also the NBA broadcasts. His NBA coverage led to him covering many NBA Finals contests.

While Stuart Scott became a fixture in the media through ESPN, he began one battle he could not quite overcome. Inspiring others along the way, Stuart Scott battled cancer and made a moving speech at last year’s ESPYs. But, this morning, Stuart Scott lost his physical battle with cancer, which he battled on and off since 2007, and ESPN put together a moving dedication to him.

Watch the ESPN tribute to Stuart Scott below:

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