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Morning Heat: Madison Sosa flaunts big booty for Instagram [PHOTO]

Madison Sosa 2By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past couple of years, Madison Sosa has made quite the name for herself. Known for a look similar to that of the Kardashian sisters, this is something Madison Sosa has used to her advantage. The facial features isn’t all Madison Sosa shares with those ladies.

A big reason for the booty craze is ladies like Kim Kardashian, who has a posterior that puts Jennifer Lopez to shame. Madison Sosa shares this attribute and it has never let her down before. Her look is something that people are definitely paying to see.

Madison Sosa is up early this morning, still celebrating the New Year and she gave a good look for some to begin their year. Her shapely figure has left her with a “Kardashian ass” (her own words) and she showed this off on her Instagram profile. Recently, Madison Sosa snapped a selfie for Instagram and her booty was caught in it.

See Madison Sosa’s Instagram photo below:


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