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DJ YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: New Edition – “Hot 2Nite”

Hot2nitevidBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Definitely cannot knock Diddy’s hustle, just look at the moves he has pulled off over the past twenty years. New Edition is a legendary group, but their struggles are not a secret, they have had many ups and downs. After an eight year hiatus, New Edition reunited, but without Bobby Brown, and signed with Bad Boy Records.

New Edition released One Love in 2004, but the album did not live up to the other albums they released. Currently, New Edition is back in the spotlight, with Johnny Gill making his media rounds and Michael Bivins talking to Hip Hop Vibe about his new company. But, ten years before this, they were working on their comeback album.

The first single off One Love was “Hot 2Nite” and it ended up being the only single off the album. Results for the single were not as good as New Edition is used to, but the song definitely had a nice sound. This is a song a lot of people probably forgot, but this week, we decided to revisit it for the Wednesday Throwback.

Watch “Hot 2Nite” by New Edition below:

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