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Nicki Minaj talks Meek Mill dating rumors with Big Boy [VIDEO]

Breakfast With Nicki MinajBy Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Tomorrow is the big day for Nicki Minaj, as she releases The Pink Print, which is available for stream now. In the days leading up to the album release, Nicki Minaj got caught up in a major rumor. Word is, Nicki Minaj is dating Meek Mill and these rumors came out of nowhere.

Nicki Minaj has quite a few guest appearances on The Pink Print and the recently-freed from prison Meek Mill is one of them. Prior to this, Nicki Minaj didn’t have much interaction with Meek Mill. However, both travel in the same circles, due to the close affiliation of their respective labels.

Power 106 has Nicki Minaj with Big Boy in Los Angeles, promoting her new album, with Breakfast With Nicki Minaj. A clip of their interview has been shared and it has Big Boy sitting down with Nicki Minaj at a press table. In this clip, Nicki Minaj talks about the rumors of her and Meek Mill dating.

Watch the entire interview below:

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