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#BlackLivesMatter: Hip hop storms the streets of New York City, marching in protest

Black Lives MatterBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Relations between law enforcement and the black community have rapidly gone to nothing, as black men around the United States have been murdered. As far as public knowledge, the first death was Trayvon Martin, although he wasn’t killed by a cop. The Florida government, however, did nothing for him in terms of justice.

Two years later, Michael Brown and then Eric Garner suffered similar fates after being killed by cops. Since the black community makes up the majority of the hip hop community, obviously the hip hop world has spoken out against the injustices. This afternoon, many big figures in hip hop took to the New York City streets in protest.

The likes of Russell Simmons, Nas, and many other hip hop figures invaded the New York City streets. Those who weren’t there, took to Instagram to show their support of the protest on these streets. Included in that list includes Tahiry, Ace Hood, and Ludacris, who have shown their support on Instagram and Twitter.

See the social media posts about #BlackLivesMatter below:




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