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Hottie of The Week: Vina The Model

Vina The ModelBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A face and body beginning to make a big impression in Washington, DC is Vina The Model and she is definitely a looker. Beauty is like fine art, which is objective, but there are some that a general consensus agree on. After a good look at Vina The Model, most would probably agree that she looks good.

Vina The Model has grown to become passionate about modeling, as she has stuck with it for the past three years. She does the modeling thing in a unique way, as she rocks the close cut and it’s died blue. Life is all about doing things outside of the box and this is definitely a look few others have that she is rocking.

This week, Vina The Model spoke to Hip Hop Vibe for our latest Hottie of the Week interview. Opening up on several topics, Vina The Model spoke on her background and her upbringing in the game. She also spoke on her unique hairstyle, which a lot of people have undoubtedly looked at.

Read the entire interview below:

What part of the country do you reside Vina? Washington, DC.

How long have you been modeling and whats the experience been like so far? I’ve been modeling for over three years and I’ve had my ups and downs but it’s something I’ve grown to love.

What do you look for when being approached by new photographers? Professionalism and the quality of their work.

Not too many females can pull off the super short or bald look but you rock it well. How long have you been rocking that style and what made you decide to go for that look? Thank you. I’ve been rocking the cut for about three and a half years and it’s something I just randomly decided to do. I wanted a dramatic change and just decided to cut my hair.

I can tell you have visions of being more than a thick model by some of the poses on your Model Mayhem. Where do you look to find inspirations and ideas for your shoots? I always stand in front of the mirror to learn my body and what looks good and what doesn’t as far as poses go, but I always do my homework on poses that may work for me.

Where do you plan to have your career as a model go in the upcoming months ahead? Bigger and better.

If you could trade places with any man in the world for one day who would it be and why? With a man (Laughs) I’m not sure.

I read online that you are a school teacher. What grade do you teach and how would you deal with any students having a crush on the hot teacher at school? I teach first grade and I love working with children, it’s a passion I’ve always had. I have dealt with kids liking me, but I just always laugh it off because it’s funny to me.

Have you ever been in love before and if so what happened to that relationship? I’ve loved but never have I been truly in love.

Can you describe your ideal mate and tell me what he has to do to win Vina over? Ideal mate would be someone mature, over 6 feet tall, great sense of humor, and able to make me laugh. If you can make me laugh and keep me entertained, you could easily win me over.

Can you tell us how to find you on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Instagram, Vinathemodel. Facebook, Vina Robinson. Twitter, Vinathemodel.

See additional photos of Vina The Model below:

Vina The Model 2Vina The Model 3

Watch Vina The Model’s modeling video below:

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