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Kid Ink announces “Full Speed” album release date [PHOTO]

Kid Ink 17By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Kid Ink saw just how popular he could become, as he took over the hip hop world in abrupt fashion. The chemistry Kid Ink has with Chris Brown is off the charts and the to have a couple of big hits together. Hitting the game hard late last year into this year, Kid Ink is not giving the world a chance to miss him.

Immediately after My Own Lane was released, Kid Ink decided to get back in the studio to record another album. Just like he did last year, Kid Ink plans to hit the game early in the year with new music. This afternoon, Kid Ink introduced Full Speed as his new album with a new record.

Kid Ink released the artwork for Full Speed this afternoon on Instagram. With the release of the album cover, Kid Ink revealed the release date for his album. The new album from Kid Ink is expected to be released on February 23 and the first official single should be released in the coming weeks.

See Kid Ink’s Instagram post below:


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