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Troy Ave flaunts stacks of cash and bottles on Instagram [PHOTO]

Troy Ave 16By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There are several different elements that make up hip hop and, yes, the music is the central part of it. When it comes to Troy Ave, there are mixed reviews about him, but everyone has to respect his hustle. Literally, this guy is working every day to push his music to new heights and he’s gotten strong results.

Troy Ave has come a long way since he was freestyling in the Brooklyn streets for MTV. He now has seen a great deal of his music videos premiere on MTV, being included in their 2013 tribute to Brooklyn for the VMAs. He is one of the few rappers dedicating himself to restoring New York hip hop to prominence of old.

Also, let’s not forget, Troy Ave is out here making some serious cash off his work. It’s always a beautiful thing to do something that you love and get paid off it. Even better is the chance to share this with the world, which Troy Ave does frequently, most recently when he posted a new Instagram pic of several stacks of cash, a BSB hat, and a bottle, note the Jay-Z nod.

See Troy Ave’s Instagram photo below:


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