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Too Hot For TV: Ayisha Diaz treats fans with sexy booty shot [PHOTO]

Ayisha Diaz 12By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hands down, one of the hottest ladies in the game, Ayisha Diaz is making sure the world remembers her. She has done her thing from music videos to magazines and even took time out to be Hottie of the Week here on Hip Hop Vibe last fall. Most recently, Ayisha Diaz stole the show in P. Reign’s “DNF” music video.

Ayisha Diaz often gets her followers on Instagram sent into a frenzy, when she puts photos up of her body. The business she’s in is sexy and Ayisha Diaz is just that, so she shows it off at all times. Her latest round of showing off led to her followers getting a very special treat that they won’t forget.

As she prepares to do another event, Ayisha Diaz is holding her followers over with a sexy shot. It looks like it might be a magazine shot, but it’s doubtful that the people care what it’s for. All they care about is how she looks and Ayisha Diaz looks great, as usual, giving her followers another view of her increasingly famous booty.

See Ayisha Diaz’s Instagram photo below:

Ayisha Diaz backshot

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