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HHV Exclusive: Dedrick Jamaal talks “Ain’t Nuthin Better,” “In Time,” Baton Rouge, and upcoming album

Dedrick JamaalBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Silently, Louisiana has dominated the rap game since the late 1990s, courtesy of all the talent from New Orleans. But, the past ten years have seen an increasingly growing amount of artists come from Baton Rouge. Most notably, Kevin Gates has gotten a lot of attention, but there are many to pay attention to, including Dedrick Jamaal.

Recently, Dedrick Jamaal released his single, “Ain’t Nuthin Better,” which actually premiered here on Hip Hop Vibe. The single was taken from In Time, the mixtape he released earlier this year. Even though the year is almost over, Dedrick Jamaal has even more music in the works.

Dedrick Jamaal talked to Hip Hop Vibe and he addressed the release of his new single and the music he has in the works. He expressed pride in the success Baton Rouge is having and he discussed some upcoming music. Among the other things Dedrick Jamaal has in the works is a new album.

Read the entire interview below:

Yesterday, you released your new single, “Ain’t Nuthin Better,” here on Hip Hop Vibe. Can you tell us more about that single? “Ain’t Nuthin’ Better” is about nothing being better than the moments you overcome, your obstacles with not only your relationship, but in life as well. It’s produced by Cojak; who has produced for French Montana on “Ain’t Worried About Nothin” and many other records. The song came about when Hey Daem and myself were in the studio, vining and the heartfelt record sort of came together.

This is actually the second single off In Time, your new mixtape, can you discuss this new project? In Time is a 7-song mixtape that gives you a foundation for me as I reintroduce myself to my audience. You can get a feel for my roots in hip hop as well as new techniques and sounds that I’m adding to my repertoire as an artist. I also left a lot of room for me to build from In Time in my upcoming projects as I grow with my audience.

You are a part of Blacklight Music, who are some of the other people involved in this label? The other artists on Blacklight are Dylan Cage, Hey Daem, & Jimi Jump whom are all featured on In Time.

What would you consider to be the best part of In Time, the new mixtape? I think it’s the versatility of it. None of the songs sound the same and I get personal on a few tracks, so the listeners get to know me more.

As a native of Baton Rouge, how do you feel about so many artists have success from your city this year? I think it’s major for the city and the state, because the biggest artists in music right now for Louisiana are from Baton Rouge. The biggest thing for me now is getting my music out there, so I can add to the culture.

With your new mixtape out, what is coming next from you? The next thing for me is releasing a full length project with Dylan Cage called Journey of Kings, which I’ve been told is my best work thus far. I’m excited to get that out following In Time. From there I look to present my first solo LP, T.A.T.A., which I’m working on now.

How do you feel about the fan reaction to your new project? I’m loving the reaction because I know what I have following this release. For the fans who love In Time, I have so much more to show them and every concern or improvement they may have gets addressed in my music yet to come.

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