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Hip Hop Figures From the Carolinas: Young Scooter

Young Scooter 17By Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

While Young Scooter isn’t quite as established as J. Cole, he is a force on the mixtape scene and he is very consistent. With the exception of his prison stint, Young Scooter has consistently dropped new music for at least three years. Most assume Young Scooter is a native of Atlanta, due to his work with Rocko, Future, and Gucci Mane.

Indeed, Young Scooter lives in Atlanta and got into music there, but he was born in the small town of Walterboro, South Carolina. This is where Young Scooter lived until his family relocated to Atlanta when he was nine years old. His move is similar to that of the very popular, Jeezy.

Young Scooter has released countless mixtapes and has tracks with all the big names from the South. His claim to mainstream fame is the “Colombia” remix with Gucci Mane and Rick Ross, however. Fans should expect his debut album, Juug House, which will likely be released sometime next year.

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