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Nicki Minaj releases “The Pink Print” track listing [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj 68By Matthew Bridge
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It’s been almost three years since Nicki Minaj dropped her last album. Going into her third album, Nicki Minaj wanted to make a personal album, hence the reason she decided to go back natural with her look. Along with a natural look, Nicki Minaj wanted time and space to record this album.

While she also gave the Nicki Minaj people have come to expect with “Anaconda,” she also went deep with “Pills N Potions.” She also went personal on “Bed of Lies,” the newest single featuring Skylar Grey. In short, Nicki Minaj fans love the singles, but they are ready for the new album.

This morning, Nicki Minaj signaled that her fans are in the final stretch of their waiting period for her new album. After all, The Pink Print, the title of the new album, is set to be released on December 15. In the meantime, Nicki Minaj released the track listing for the album on Instagram.

See Nicki Minaj’s Instagram photo below:

The Pink Print track listing

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