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Hip Hop Figures From the Carolinas: Jeezy

Young Jeezy 9By Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the wake of J. Cole dropping 2014 Forest Hills Drive in eight days, a lot of emphasis is being put on hip hop in the Carolinas. Most casual hip hop fans would day J. Cole is the only rapper from the area putting on. But, North Carolina and South Carolina have a deep history in the hip hop world that goes way beyond the Petey Pablo era and U.O.E.N.O. it.

Until last year, Jeezy was known as Young Jeezy and he released his fifth major label album, Seen It All, this year. While he credits Atlanta as his hometown and he built his buzz there, with the help of DJ Drama, Jeezy was born in Columbia, South Carolina. But, in his early years, his family moved to Atlanta.

Jeezy has since become one of the biggest rappers in the game, being signed by Jay-Z during his reign over Def Jam. Overall, Jeezy released seven albums, counting his two street albums, and he has plenty of mixtapes. He is the CTE leader, making hits with YG and known for his records with Jay-Z and T.I., and his situationship with Rick Ross.

Although Jeezy has no real reason to represent the Carolinas, he has roots here that many hip hop fans may not know about. With Hip Hop Vibe being based in North Carolina, we decided to compile a list of heavy hitters in the hip hop industry who have origins in both North Carolina and also South Carolina, so check back in all week for more mentions.

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