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Fans question Soulja Boy’s relationship with Nia Riley on Twitter #LHHH

Soulja Boy 2By Fio Borrelli
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Initially, many fans were surprised to see Soulja Boy as part of the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” cast on VH1. Before this, however, his relationship with Nia Riley was beginning to make headlines. This relationship played out onscreen during this season of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

Nia Riley placed Soulja Boy on the hotseat when she had him meet Teddy Riley, her father, which led to a lot of Twitter chatter. After being clowned on Twitter, Soulja Boy lashed out and claimed Nia Riley wasn’t Teddy Riley’s biological child. Onscreen, however, Soulja Boy got Nia Riley pregnant and their relationship was in a weird place.

In last week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” Soulja Boy unceremoniously dumped his would be baby mama, Nia Riley, on social media. The two ended up mending fences in tonight’s episode, the season finale, with the two getting their names tattooed on each other. Given how things are going now, the fans took to Twitter to react.

Read the tweets about Soulja Boy below:

Souljaboynia1Souljaboynia2 Souljaboynia3 Souljaboynia4 Souljaboynia5 Souljaboynia6 Souljaboynia7 Souljaboynia8 Souljaboynia9 Souljaboynia10 Souljaboynia11 Souljaboynia12

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