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J. Cole releases official “Forest Hills Drive” track listing [PHOTO]

J. ColeBy Tre’ Smith
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Frequent Hip Hop Vibe followers may notice the large amount of mentions of artists coming up in North Carolina. Seeing how Hip Hop Vibe is North Carolina-based, many rising hip hop stars from the area are featured. All of these artists are hoping to emerge, as J. Cole did some five years ago.

J. Cole is a native of Fayetteville, but made his name in New York City. Not only did J. Cole get a co-sign from Jay-Z, he signed to his label, Roc Nation. In the years since then, J. Cole has dropped two albums and will add a third to his discography all before the end of 2014, with Forest Hills Drive.

Plenty of speculation has surrounded J. Cole, as he prepares the release of his upcoming album. But, J. Cole shut down all speculation with the official track listing for his album. It is now only a few short days away from release, as December 9 is the official release date for his new album.

See the Forest Hills Drive track listing below:

Forest Hills Drive track listing

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