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DJ Ali joins SKE Records as official tour DJ for Trel Mack

DJ AliBy Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For the past couple of years, SKE Records has built their fan base online. First, Trel Mack emerged with Inspired By Greatness, his comeback EP. When most artists would’ve put out another project, Trel Mack decided to hold off. Now, he has just begun working on his latest project and he is now being booked for shows.

Trel Mack started the month of November off strong, doing shows in Harlem, along with a ton in his native Philadelphia. But, now he sees the need to get a tour DJ and he decided to link up with someone familiar. In the past, DJ Ali has DJ-ed some SKE shows and now it’s looking like a longterm thing.

Yesterday, DJ Ali was a part of some big SKE Records news. As the crew plans to hit the road more, DJ Ali will be right there alongside them as the official tour DJ. Expect to hear about more Trel Mack show dates in the next few weeks, going into the New Year, as his new project is in the works.

Read DJ Ali’s statement on joining SKE Records below:

“I feel really excited to be touring with SKE Records. SKE is an excellent team of up and coming talented, professionals. I’m glad that Trel Mack and Q The Question recognized my skills and talent and offered me a chance to tour with them. It is an honor to be asked to be part of SKE Records. Trel and I have great stage presence and energy performing together. As a member of SKE records, I look forward to releasing mixtapes featuring SKE Records’, DJin a lot of shows, together and helping to promote the growing success of SKE Records.”

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