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Twitter hopes for justice against Darren Wilson with verdict in Ferguson #RIPMikeBrown

Darren WilsonBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Racial tensions reached new heights when a teenage boy, Michael Brown, was shot and killed the day before he was to go to college. His murderer is Darren Wilson and when the story reached the masses, it had a profound impact on the urban community. In the midst of all the reality TV, award shows, and new albums, hip hop is about the community first.

Darren Wilson has become the most-hated man within the community because of how he killed Michael Brown. Many mainstream media outlets have tried to spin a self-defense story, but none of it really held up. But, Darren Wilson was taken to trial over his murder of the young man.

Just from now, the verdict will come in and Darren Wilson will either be punished or let off. The reactions have already begun on social media, with St. Louis native, Tiffany Foxx, reacting, as well as Turk. Meanwhile, many other people have taken to Twitter to sound off on what happened in Ferguson, praying for justice, but preparing for the worst.

Read the tweets about Darren Wilson and Michael Brown below:

RIPMikeBrown1RIPMikeBrown2 RIPMikeBrown3 RIPMikeBrown4 RIPMikeBrown5 RIPMikeBrown6 RIPMikeBrown7 RIPMikeBrown8 RIPMikeBrown9 RIPMikeBrown10 RIPMikeBrown11 RIPMikeBrown12 RIPMikeBrown13

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